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Preparing a slide for study under a microscope is no simple task. First, you require special tools to cut a thin slice off the sample; second, you need to be very accurate and cautious to place the slice on the slide and cover it without ruining the slice or the glass. Knowing how much work it is, most people prefer to avoid this as much as possible. That is why we have created experiment kits that you can use to study various samples right after unpacking the box! No more cutting, no more placing, no more adding resin to complete the process – all slides in Levenhuk N10 NG are already prepared, and all you need to do is place one on the stage and focus the view.

If you feel that you are ready to create your own slides, the experiment kit includes several blank slides with cover glasses that you can use. Levenhuk N10 NG may be used with a microscope of any brand and make.

The experiment kit includes:

  • Bird feathers
  • Cat fur
  • Dog fur
  • Fish fin
  • Ant
  • Butterfly wing
  • Fly head
  • Bee jaws
  • Bee wing
  • Mosquito leg

Also included in the kit: 12 blank slides and 20 cover glasses.

Product number: 58141


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