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Levenhuk Binoculars Nelson 7×50


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Modern Levenhuk Nelson Marine Binoculars will be a perfect choice for fans of fishing, sea trips and water sports. This powerful optical tool with 8x magnification will allow observing distant objects in detail. A wide field of view provides for comfortable observing of the sea line.

A special feature of this model is a built-in compass and a rangefinder. The compass indicates the direction towards the object. Division value is 1°. North is 360°, South is 180°, East is 90° and West is 270°. The compass is equipped with diode light that is powered by two LR44 batteries.

You need to know either the size (height) of the observed object or the distance to it in order to work with the rangefinder. You can calculate an unknown parameter based on the rangefinder’s indications, using a special formula.

The optical scheme of this model is based on Porro prisms. The optical elements are made of quality BaK-4 glass. Fully multi-coated lenses create a bright, sharp and detailed image.

The embossed shell is made of durable plastic. The rubberized coating protects these binoculars from accidental hits. This optical tool has a convenient grip; it will not slip out of your hands. The hermetic shell is filled with nitrogen to prevent the lenses from fogging. Levenhuk Nelson Marine Binoculars comes in a waterproof floating body: if they accidentally plunge into the water, they will not sink, and the lenses and prisms will not be damaged. Add a bright Levenhuk FS10 Floating Strap to go with these binoculars, and they will never get lost!

You can easily adjust the interpupillary distance. The twist-up eyecups ensure comfortable observations for people who wear glasses. It is convenient to observe with sunglasses on as well.

The diopter adjustment of the eyepieces is available. There is individual focusing of each eyepiece – this is typical for marine binoculars. Each optical tube is focused separately; there is no central focusing wheel. You can mount this optical tool on a tripod – there is a special tripod socket on the binoculars’ body.


  • Floating marine binoculars with a wide field of view
  • Built-in rangefinder and a compass with diode light
  • Waterproof shell with nitrogen filling (class IPX7)
  • Classic model with Porro prisms
  • Coated optics made of BaK-4 glass

The kit includes:

  • Binoculars
  • Eyepiece and objective lens caps
  • red strap FS10 inclusive
  • Pouch
  • Cleaning wipe
  • Two LR44 batteries
  • User guide

Product number: 59727


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