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The Flatfieldbox (FFB) is used to create flats, which are required for the exact calibration of astrophotography. The vignetting (darker edge) and shadows of dust grains can thus be removed from the image. This is not only aesthetically necessary, but only a perfectly “flat” picture can be stretched so much that weak signals become visible. The contrast can be increased more, the background does not become stained, and the weakest foothills on the object become visible.

Special characteristics of the FFB:

  • Very color-neutral light: the color channels are equally saturated, and this is the ideal basis for a successful flat, even with narrowband filters.
  • Extremely uniform illumination: Significantly better than with conventional flatfield generators, which still have slight variations over the surface and on the edge.
  • The LEDs do not flicker in the mains frequency, which means that significantly shorter exposure times without a “blind” effect can be used, eg 1/500 second
  • Only about 10% of the brightness like many other models, so they are not too bright even for highly sensitive CMOS and CCD cameras.
  • The innovative round foam mask helps ensure a secure fit for the right telescope tube, just put it on and press it on and the tube slips into it

The flatfield boxes have a standard 12-volt connection (5.5mm / 2.1mm socket, center positive) and are supplied with an on-board power plug (cigarette lighter cable).

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