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Reproduction of a Nocturnal realized by Girlolano della Volpaia from 1568.

An original copy of Nocturnal is carefully preserved in the Museo Galileo (Florence).

A Nocturnal is an instrument for the night time using the position of a particular star in the night sky to determine, it is a typical navigation instrument.

The time to know is important to calculate the tides, and some Star watches refer tide tables for major ports with a.

The first known description of a Nocturnal was written in the 13th century by Ramon Llull.

By about 1800 was an important navigation instrument was then replaced by more specific and more precise instruments.

A star clock has an outer disk with the months of the year and an inner disk with the hours (half hour) and with the reference stars.

In addition, the star clock has a pointer that points to the same axis moves like the slice. The shaft has a hole in the middle through which a star can be observed.

Since the instrument is used at night, the markings are oversized and sublime.

On the inner pane is a diagram with which the main star configurations and may be found.

Excerpt from the “Instrument Book” by Peter Apian (German mathematician and astronomer 1495-1552).

“Wilt thou that stood auffs leychtest dardurch detect / so wend thy face against the Polo / and the instrument jerking kher against the Polo / and pick it up auff / and schaw through the hole of the nail or Centrum / to the Polum. Soon as you through the hole the Polum ersiechst / schaw Rederns side of the instrument to the zwayen hyndern. When did so the hyndern Zwen star in the face bringest so smoothly with the other handt the stundtzayger he the face obscuring the straight lini you a little. After this nym the instrument to you / retains the Stundtzayger unverruckt / and jerk the other Scheyb with the stars of zwayen Herwagens / the bey the 20 days are Augusti / under the zayger / or the zwifach Creützlein ‡ When did afterwards (so the other Scheyb also unverruckt bleybt) the Stundzayger auff the day of the month layest / He zaygt you the hour of the night / you were looking through a light away. ”

The attention to detail, historical interest and beauty of the forms characterize this beautiful Nocturnal. Comes complete with a wooden base and an instruction manual.

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