Hemisferium Disc perpetual calendar


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Reproduction of a perpetual calendar 18th century.

A perpetual calendar is a calendar that is valid for many years. Usually, it allows the determination of a day or a week in the past or the future.

This perpetual calendar is valid from January 1, 1600 until December 31, 2799 according to the Sunday letter system.

To determine which day of the week for June 29, 1900 falls (Birth of Antoine de St. Exupery), first the Dominical Letter of the year 1900 has to be found out.

On the back of the calendar (lunar side, second image above) appears the letter G at the intersection to 19 (on the small disc century) and 00 (on the base disk).

In the next step of the perpetual calendar is rotated.

If you rearrange the month of June (on the moving disk) before the dominical letter G, V, you can read the day of the week (in Latin Veneris, Friday on German) in the 29 column.

The attention to detail, historical interest and beauty of the forms characterize this beautiful perpetual calendar. He comes complete with a wooden base and an instruction manual.

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