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Helios Optics Brass telescope MT 80/900 36x


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The optics: The telescope in the brass tube with the classic 80 millimeter lens optics not only looks pretty but is also suitable for astronomical observation in the sky as well as terrestrial objects. The eyepiece enables 36x magnification . Focusing takes place via a rack extension.

The telescope is equipped with an Amici prism for a more comfortable view of standing objects. The additional finderscope also makes operation easier.

Mount and tripod: The classic azimuthal mount made of brass enables swiveling in height and horizontally. It is mounted on a medium-weight mahogany wooden tripod. The tripod is equipped with braces made of brass and a shelf to protect it from spreading.

The telescope sits on an exquisite mahagony tripod, extendable to 140cm.

Product number: 5587


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