Geoptik Cleaning kit with transport case


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Includes everything you need for a proper cleaning of optics for telescopes, binoculars or microscopes

The non-toxic cleaning solution contains no ammonia, acetone or other aggressive substances. It is ideal for removing stains and fingerprints, dried-on water drops and oil marks on lenses and mirrors.

A soaked with cleaning solution swab is used to clean camera sensors.

With the enclosed brush Geopen and the bellows sure remove dust prior to the actual cleaning. Cotton gloves to prevent fingerprints on lenses and other components.

The entire scope of supply:

  • High quality microfibre cloth 30x40mm
  • Cleaning solution for spraying 55 ml
  • bellows
  • Geopen brush on one side and the other buffer
  • Swabs for cleaning camera sensors
  • Cotton gloves
  • Carrying case

Product number: 33544


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