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Explore Scientific LER 2″, 12mm, 92° eyepiece


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If a observing session is a relaxing and joyful experience is heavily dependend on the choice of eyepieces. People wearing glasses very often have the problem to see the entire field of view when they are using eyepieces with large apparent fields. This problem is now history. The new 92°- LER eyepieces by Explore Scientific do not only offer excellent image sharpness and high resolution and contrast over the enourmous full field of view – you can see that full field without problems even with glasses on. Fatigue due to tense head positioning and strained viewing simply does not happen because of the excellent viewing comfort these eyepieces provide even to observers wearing glasses. Enjoy the unique combination of excellent image sharpness out to the edge of the field even for fast optics, superior contrast and unmatched viewing comfort.

Product number: 50277


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