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Explore Scientific Eyepiece 82° LER AR 4.5mm 1.25″


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82 ° series LER eyepieces expand the Explore Scientific line of Argon-filled and waterproof eyepieces with extra wide eye relief models. Particularly as eyeglass wearers, eyepieces with shorter focal lengths often have the problem of fully surveying the field of view with glasses. This problem is now a thing of the past. The fold-down silicone eyecups allow optimal user comfort with or without glasses.

These eyepieces are excellent flatfield eyepieces that will change your astronomical viewing experience. The patented EMD coating ensures high contrast and avoids annoying reflections. Another great advantage of these eyepieces is the exceptionally high image sharpness, which is particularly noticeable in planetary and lunar observation .

High-performance, short-focal-length (high-magnification) eyepieces from 3mm to 10mm are not only used for observations of the moon, planets, and binary stars, but can also be used for bright, compact DeepSky objects. Not only the size of a planetary nebula or globular clusters will impress you, but also the very dark background sky, as the effective contrast increases significantly with increasing magnification. In order to produce a sharp image with high magnifications, however, good to very good atmospheric conditions are required.

With a highly corrected apparent field of view of 82 °, these eyepieces offer exceptional quality. The argon filling effectively prevents fogging from the inside, and you need not be afraid of dust, glass fungus or the ingress of cleaning fluid. The eyepieces are sealed watertight. This guarantees that you will enjoy these high-quality eyepieces for many years and countless observations. The Explore Scientific 82 ° LER eyepiece range stands for highest comfort and quality, coupled with an excellent price-performance ratio.

Product number: 62360


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