Explore Scientific 20mm 2″ UWA eyepiece


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100° field of view. This number does not give you any real idea of the actual experience awaiting the owner of a telescope observing through this eyepiece. The absence of the, otherwise ever-present, border of the field of view leads to an intense and very direct observing experience. This is the eyepiece for a really special observing performance.

The extraordinary combination of a huge (100°) apparent field of view, excellent image quality – even with fast optics – and practical innovations such as protective gas filling and water-tightness makes this eyepiece an absolute front runner for what is currently achievable. As well as the superior optical properties it was also realized that an eyepiece needs to be wet-cleaned now and again in order to maintain its performance. A waterproof eyepiece makes that eminently practical. It is this blend of high technology, excellent performance and practical features which makes this eyepiece unique.

Product number: 18971


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