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Explore Scientific 1.25″, 24mm 68° N2-filled eyepiece


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Wide-angle, high-definition eyepiece, gas-filled, with a 68° apparent field of view

This 68° field of view eyepiece is waterproof and gas-filled. The gas filling effectively prevents internal fogging, any ingress of dust and moisture and any formation of fungal blooms. So the quality multi-coating is particularly well protected and durable. Cleaning is hence also made much easier, as you can treat the eyepieces with cleaning fluid, also heavy internal condensation cannot penetrate between the lens elements. That all means this eyepiece guarantees perfect observing for many years to come!

And, of course, you won’t be making any compromises with image quality – the eyepiece provides a sharp, high-contrast image over the entire field of view – even with ‘fast’ telescopes. The use of high quality glass and blackened lens edges, together with the patented EMD multi-coating, ensure maximum contrast.

In addition, a foldable rubber eyecup, standard filter thread and a conical locking groove in the stainless-steel barrel come as standard features with this eyepiece. All the 68° series eyepieces are parfocal with one another, which means you won’t have to adjust the focus when switching between eyepieces.

Comparison of the fields of view of different Explore Scientific eyepiece series

Product number: 25049


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