Euromex Rring light LE.1973, EuroLED 144


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Rring light LE.1973, EuroLED 144

LED (Light Emitting Diodes) produces very useful intense white light for long microscopy observation sessions. Long life time and low energy consumption. Euromex offers two series of LED illumination products The first series are economical EuroLed ring light illuminations with 56 LED’s (LE.1970), 60 LED’s (LE.1971) or 144 LED’s (LE.1973) for different work distances. Light intensity is adjustable. Delivered with the power supply. The second series are high power LED ring light adjustable illuminations for more demanding applications. The LE.1980 and LE.1981 are equipped with 48 high power LED’s and can be mount on stereo head with diameters from 45 and 66 mm. The LE.1990 and LE.1991 are equipped with 72 high power LED’s and can be mount on stereo head with diameters from 60 and 66 mm. All LE.19xx products can be driver by either an adjustable 0-100% controller (LE.1992) or a segment controller (LE.1993). The LE.19xx product can be equipped with optional Fresnel focusing lenses, diffusers and polarization/analyzer filters.

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