Euromex Polarization mechanism


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With this device you can transform your microscope Euromex X or C-Series in a polarizing microscope.

It consists of a polarizer and analyzer which allow only light having a plane of vibration in the lens therethrough. This process is called ” polarize ”. For double-polarized light polarizer and analyzer at 90 ° must be arranged.

The analyzer is pushed over the eyepiece.

The polarizer is in an attachable table (100 x 65 mm). Rotating object holder Ø 68mm, with stage clips, 360 ° rotatable, read in 5 °

Some minerals have the property that they ” double-break ‘light’. By slightly rotating the polarizer or the analyzer, the transmitted plane of polarization changes. This is evident by the staining occurs. So it can be seen that the composition has to be examined sample.

Product number: 9460


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