Eschenbach Magnifying glass visolux, DIGITAL, HD, elekt. Sehhilfe


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visolux DIGITAL HD

  • HD camera for high contrast, detailed photos
  • Large magnification range from 2x to 22x (connected to HD TV, e.g. 40“, magnification 12x to 125x)
  • Generous depth of field for variable viewing distances
  • Stand with ergonomic tilted angle
  • Non-reflective 7″ display,16:9
  • Large field of view of 70 mm
  • Dynamic Line Scrolling (DLS), the line area on the display is moved by the touch of a button
  • Optional orientation markers (reading line or “blind”)
  • Additional tactile positioning and orientation markers on the housing
  • Viewing modes in true colour and up to 14 contrast-enhanced false colour modes
  • Photo function with option of saving photos on inserted SD card
  • HDMI port for transmitting live images onto televisions
  • USB port, Type C port for transmitting images onto a computer (PC and Mac)
  • Operating time: 3.5 h
  • Weight: 460 g
  • Included in delivery: HDMI cable, USB Type C cable, 4 GB SD card, universal charging device for worldwide use, lanyard, hard foam case

Product features

  • Comfortable reading position due to ergonomic tilted angle
  • Improved orientation on the reading material due to several tactile markers on the housing and a centrally positioned camera, as well as an optional reading line
  • Accommodates an entire newspaper column
  • Dynamic Line Scrolling (DLS) means that even with high magnification levels orientation is not impaired and there is no need to move the reading device across the reading material
  • Weighing in at just 460g, visolux DIGITAL is the ideal solution for when you’re on the move or at home
  • Photo function with option of saving photos on inserted SD card
  • Large range of false colour combinations
  • Can also be used on the TV screen as screen-reading device via HDMI


  • Comfortable to use due to ergonomic tilted lens and compact design.
  • Incredibly large field of view with 3x magnification.
  • 2 different colour temperatures for even, glare-free illumination of the reading material.
  • Particularly scratch-proof lens with high visual comfort.
  • Light automatically switches off to prevent unnecessary power consumption.

Product features

  • A plus in visual comfort.
  • Even, bright and glare-free illumination provided by two SMD LEDs.
  • Combination of meniscus and aspheric PXM® lightweight lens, cera-tec® coated for a distortion-free image with edge-to-edge sharpness.
  • Integrated, preselectable orange filter for second warm colour temperature.
  • Ergonomic lens angle for comfortable viewing.
  • LED light automatically switches off after 30 minutes.
  • Hard foam case included.

Product number: 60158


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