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You know the problem

You are using both hands to work with delicate components and could really do with a third hand to hold the magnifying glass in place to allow you to make out all the small details.

MaxDetail leaves you both hands free for working – MaxDetail magnifying spectacles are worn just like normal glasses.

Examples of use

  • building models
  • handicrafts
  • reading
  • painting
  • restoring
  • soldering
  • testing / checking
  • working on watches
  • working as a beautician


  • very easy to use due to large pupil distance adjustment
  • non-slip due to extendable temples
  • excellent image quality due to large focus range
  • also suitable for spectacle wearers – left and right, independently adjustable, dioptre compensation
  • adjustable temples, with metal wire inserts – so the temples be adjusted to any desired fit

Product number: 24315


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