Dörr Telescope AC 60/700 Mars 66 AZ-2


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Ideal for beginners. Comes with AZ -2-Azimuth mount with fine adjustment, aluminium tripod, finderscope 5×24.

Can be expanded by further eyepieces and photo adapter.

It is not only important which telescope you buy, but also where you buy it.

We provide extra help:

  • We are a leading telescope dealer and know these instruments like the back of our hands.
  • We are always very happy to offer our assistance after your purchase, should you encounter any problems with your telescope’s setup or operation.
  • Our ‘Telescope Basics’ booklet – an 80-page beginner’s guide for our telescopes – is provided free of charge with every telescope we sell.

Our expert comment:

Compare with a similar telescope with is very good value for money [cms: //shop/p_id = 11267 “Omegon AC 60/700 AZ-1”]. You also benefit from the comprehensive accessory kit included for getting started in astronomy.

This telescope is quite suitable for the first fun exploration of the night sky. Observing the moon is an impressive experience even in a small instrument such as this. The mount also allows terrestrial observing. But you should not expect high performance from a telescope in this price bracket.

A note regarding magnification: Similar telescopes are advertised in many places with magnifications of over 300X or even 600X. Any telescope can theoretically reach these magnifications, but you will not be able to see anything – everything will be blurred! The maximum useful magnification is that at which objects can still just be sharply imaged.

This telescope in an excellent choice for children, but young people of over 10 years of age and adults will definitely get more pleasure out of a Newtonian telescope such as the Omegon 114/900 EQ-1.

(Dominik Schwarz)

It is a good idea to get some idea of how to orient yourself in the night sky by first reading some books on the subject. There are various books available which tell you how to get better acquainted with the night sky.

(Bernd Gährken)

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