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DDoptics Binoculars Ultralight 8×34


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The Ultralight binoculars – universal Hiking and stalk hunting binoculars

The universal hiking and stalk hunting binoculars by DDoptics are available as the high luminosity version. Small, light, handy and high-performance are the characteristics of the Ultralight binoculars. Of course the Ultralight also has to be waterproof and sturdy. And these small binoculars are also just beautiful. The open bridge literally invites the hand to firmly grasp the tube and offers handiness and comfort. The coating of the prisms and lenses of the Ultralight binoculars with 42mm diameter have even been coated with a dielectrical. This ensures a bright and pleasant image and once the bincoulars are not needed anymore they disappear without further ado inside a jacket pocket. The small weight of barely 650g of the Ultralight binoculars are perfect to carry them with you. The best thing about these binoculars is that one likes to have them around.

Best suited for outdoor vacation and bird watching even during progressing twilight

In the mountains or at the North Sea, at minus 15 degrees Celsius or in the desert. The waterproof and nitrogen filled Ultralight can do it all and still offers a good image. Up until twilight it helps to find the right path and shows small surprises here and there which you would never have discovered without your reliable companion. Now, the Ultralights are better suited for use during twilight and night. Besides a bigger objective opening there is also a noticeably better transmission.

Price-performance ratio is a priority!

With the Ultralight DDoptics offers optics which can do everything one expects from such a midget. In this price category there are almost no open bridges to be found.

Sturdy workmanship for heavy outdoor use

The tubes are made of ultra hard and break-proof polycarbonate. All critical places like the eyecups and the “kink” are made of metal alloys.

Fine mechanics

The focussing wheels runs freely and without any play. Not too hard, not too soft, and it’s easy to get to the “acuity point” during fine-adjustment. The diopter set underneath the right ocular is clearly and precisely adjustable. The eyecups have 4 changeable steps so that spectacle wearers as well as non spectacle wearers can adjust to the perfect and most comfortable eye distance.

  • minimal weight
  • open bridge
  • finely adjustable mechanics
  • metal eyecups
  • watertightness and nitrogen filling
  • good resolution
  • phase coated and dielectrical coating

Product number: 51206


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