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DDoptics Binoculars Pirschler 15×56 Gen. 3 green


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Pirschler HDX: The universal binocular for night observation and twilight observation

Superiority at night, a mixture of optical performance and ergonomics. The Pirschler HDX is designed to outperform normal night binoculars while offering maximum handling with its open bridge.

Abbe King prisms, large and bright

The Pirschler HDX scores with the pure size of its Abbe König prisms and the large lenses alone, the basis for a large exit pupil and an outstanding bright image. For performance reasons, DDoptics relies on Abbe König prisms for the Pirschler HDX lenses.

Smart Focus

With this technology, the Pirschler 8×56 HDX largely eliminates the need for refocusing. After focusing on an object about 100m away, the eye automatically adjusts to different distances without constant refocusing.

Glazing at night, a question of the field of view

With a large field of view of 126m, the Pirschler HDX makes it considerably easier to glaze the area and provides an overview of the entire scenery. Even the smallest movements in the corners of the eyes are noticed with these binoculars as soon as a wild animal emerges from the edge of the forest.

Eyepieces for spectacle wearers and retractable eyecups

Like all binoculars from DDoptics, the Pirschler is also equipped with eyepieces for spectacle wearers. The interpupillary distance can therefore also be perfectly adjusted for spectacle wearers.

Robust & Waterproof

Like all DDoptics binoculars, Pirschler HDX binoculars are waterproof and filled with nitrogen.

DDoptics Pirschler Gen.3

Good mixture of high magnification, maximum light transmission and brilliant resolution. Sometimes one just needs a little more of binoculars. Be it to look over larger distances, be it to observe especially small objects. We developed the Pirschler 12×56 exactly fot this. Large magnification needs very bright glass and a brilliant resolution to enable an incomparable observation delight. So, what is better suited for that than special night binoculars with 56mm objectives and high-quality Abbe-König-prisms.

  • green armoring
  • binoculars with ABBE KÖNIG prisms
  • indestructible magnesium (mg) metal casing
  • relatively light weight thanks to magnesium body
  • eyepieces and eyecups made of metal
  • focusing wheel and separated diopter made of metal
  • eye cups with defined position steps
  • Entirely new optics with CT glass
  • Significantly ameliorated resolution
  • wide field of view for comfortable observing
  • best grip design for slip resistance
  • water pressure tight until 1m
  • raindefender nano – lotus coating

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