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Marine binoculars with compass – Steiger HDX-C 7×50 (Kaleu)

Equipped with compass and reticle for distance estimates these typical marine binoculars combine a high-quality coating with the classical Porro prism design. The result is a high luminosity optics especially for the use on sea. During day and night the binoculars captivate with brilliant image reproduction and image acuity up to the fringes as well as a field of view of 126m. Spectacle wearers can completely use this field of view with the three-step retractable eye cups.

Ideal marine binoculars with compass and reticle

A big, stabilized compass with integrated connectible illumination enables captains on sea to stay on track even with high seas. A reticle makes distance estimation possible.

Automated acuity adjustment – Smart Focus

In navigation the use during the night substantially complicates the adjustment and acuity adjustment of binoculars. The Steiger HDX-C 7×50 therefore has a so-called Smart Focus. The acuity adjustment works by a true inside focusing. After a first acuity adjustment the eye automatically adjusts on different distances without constant after-focusing

Optics with high light transmission

The FMC-HDX coating puts special emphasis on the light wave range between 400-500nm – which equals the blue light wave range especially relevant to the human eye during the night. The result are binoculars which offer very good image brightness and resolution even during increasing darkness.

Elaborate binocular optics

With the elaborate barium crownglass HDX optics objects are still recognizable during darkness when other binoculars of this category can’t give satisfactory results anymore. The Porro prism system doesn’t allow flare lights during moon- or backlight. The image acuity fascinates up to the fringes of the field of view, the contrast and the colour accuracy of the image reproduction leave nothing ton desire.

Robust manufacturing

The construction of the sturdy metal casing can take falls of 1m without damage and is watertight / salt water resistant up to a diving depth of 8m. Condensation of the inner optical lenses is excluded.

Recommended as marine binoculars 7×50

The small 7x magnification, the large field of view of 126m and the watertightness until 8m of depth make the Steiger HDX-C 7×50 ideal for sailing, yachting, boat owners as well as hiking and outdoor activities. Captains on sea especially enjoy these bright binoculars with the bright and reflexion-free image reproduction rich in contrasts during twilight and night. It is also popular for use in the mountains or during expeditions because of the integrated compass, the relatively light weight and the possibility to estimate distances.

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