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DDoptics Binoculars EDX 10×30 Fieldstar


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DDoptics Binoculars EDX Fieldstar: Comfortable handling

The EDX is a reliable companion for hikers, nature lovers, ornithologists, outdoor fans, foresters and hunters because of its extraordinary characteristics. Due to the small weight and the small size these binoculars fit into every backpack and don’t hamper even on longer tours. The diopter for the focusing is on the right ocular. Operation errors are excluded because of the simplicity of this construction. Spectacle wearers can conveniently adjust the oculars as to reach a perfect eye distance and to prevent a loss of the large field of view. The grid positions can be fixed. An unintentional adjustment is excluded due to the clearly defined mechanics.

Premium optics for a brilliant image reproduction and a high resolution

While the EDX is based on the classic roof prism system (Schmidt Pechan) the types of glass used for these binoculars have been completely new developped. This innovative ED glass (extra low dispersion) reduces colour fringes even better than the EG glasses used until now. The advantage for the user are perfectly matched and brilliant colours. The phase coating PHC140 newly developed for the EDX series suppresses 99 percent of all unwanted interference effects caused by wave optics and thus prevents even the smallest blurring.

Innovative coating guarantees razor-sharp contours

The EDX reproduces the optical image with maximum resolution and without fringe blurring according to the current state of technology. This is guaranteed by the special coating DDlucid which is additionally applied to both roof surfaces of the Schmidt Pechan roof prism. This coating originating in the Japanese photo inustry is an evolution of the known and classic ELR coating (extra low reflection). DDlucid is one of the most effective binoculars coatings. Currently only premium binoculars use similarly advanced coatings.

Light allround binoculars even during the night – the EDX binoculars

DDoptics has attached a lot of importance to an especially large field of view during the development of the binoculars (besides a high-quality manufacturing and coating), resulting in a field of view of 120m for the EDX 10×30, which meets even the most ambitious expectations. Thus the user can look at an object with one glance and on a distance of 1000m in a space which has the approximate length of a soccer field. A record for binoculars of the category 10×30. It should be noted that despite the large field of view there are almost no blurrings and the image is clear up to the fringes.

Best close focus settings

The close focus range starts at 1,2m for the EDX 8×30 / 10×30. An adult person can already see their own feet sharp and clear through the binoculars. Thus these binoculars are predestined for high expectations for the observation of animals, birds and insects. The high resolution and no blurring to the fringes account for clearly visible details.

Robust and technologically perfect

The EDX Fieldstar offers alpinists and outdoor fans a nature experience of special quality not only because of the extremely large field of view. Currently only premium binoculars have similarly advanced coatings. Additionally the prisms have dielectrical mirrors which enable a total light transmission of up to more than 91,7%. Flare light is effectively reduced by a special coating of the insides of the binoculars. The diopter adjustment (+- 3,5) is situated on the right ocular.

The robust and shock-resistant casing of the EDX (an aluminium alloy combined with reinforced policarbonates) is covered with rubber armoring. This guarantees the longevity and better grip and slip resistance. The indestructible metal alloy of the adjustable eye cups allows for a wear-free longevity and ideally protects the oculars. The EDX is naturally completely waterproof and condensation-free.

Area of application per Objective lens diameter:

  • 33: hiking, nature observation, outdoor, ornithology
  • 42: hunting, ornithology, hunting at dawn. Safari
  • 50: hunting at night, nature observation

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