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DayStar Filters 0.5Å H-alpha Quantum PE filter


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Our Quantum PE grade series is designed for professional research studies and applications in which precision homogeneity and onband transmitance values across the substrate surface are required. These filters require additional quality control steps and additional fabrication and testing time.

Our precision Quantum housing incorporates ALL of the desired features for today’s professional solar astronomer.

Available for H-alpha, Na D, Ca II K-Line, Helium and Custom wavelength Filters.

PE grade filters are manufactured and qualified to a spectral uniformity in CWL (Central Wavelength) accuracy of ± 0.05 ångström*. Our high resolution etalon mapping equipment offers qualification certified accurate by independent testing with etalon transmission sample sizes of 5mm, 2mm or 1mm sample sizes with certification printouts available on new PE filter purchases.

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