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This mount with tripod is ideal for the PST and SolarMax II 60 solar telescopes from Coronado.The equatorial mount is designed in such a way that one of the two axes of rotation – called the hour axis or right ascension axis – can be aligned parallel to the Earth’s axis. This has the advantage that the apparent movement of the Sun across the sky can be compensated for by rotating only this axis. With an alt-azimuth mount or a camera tripod, you must always correct on both axes.

The rotation of the right ascension axis is taken over by a right ascension motor. The sun is then always kept automatically in the field of view. This is not only convenient, but important in astrophotography and when observing as a group.

The alignment with the Earth’s axis is quite simple to carry out and does not have to be very accurate for solar observing. The latitude of the observing site is set via a scale on the mount, and the mount is then positioned so that the right ascension axis points north. North can be determined using a smartphone app or with a small compass.

The aluminium mount is easy to transport and quickly ready to use. The sturdy tubular steel tripod can be adjusted in height.

You may need a prism rail for attaching the telescope,. You will find one suitable in the accessory recommendations.

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