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Bresser Telescope N 114/500 Pluto EQ-Sky


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Bresser Pluto (2006)
The Pluto telescope is the perfect combination of a largeNewtonian mirror with a short focal length. The advancedobserver who has discovered that light collection is amore important factor than magnification, will especiallyappreciate the large 114 mm mirror. Enough light can bereflected into the eyepiece to be able to see even themost distant objects in our solar system at great detail.The equatorial mount lets the user follow the celestialobjects with ease and its sturdy tripod supplies thetelescope with a solid hold.

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Our expert comment:

Compare: A similar telescope, which is very good value for money, is the Omegon N 114/900 EQ-1. You also benefit from a comprehensive accessory kit for getting you started in astronomy.

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