Bresser Stereo microscope Researcher ICD LED, binocular


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Researcher ICD

Very suitable for Minerals and other opaque objects. The LED/Accu version is versatile and mobile!

This is an all purpose instrument amongst the BRESSER microscopes: Being a stereo microscope, which is manufactured in high quality, it offers the option of the biological style, too. This model has two sets of halogen illuminators for each type of microscope style, which can be operated independently or together. The total intensity of the illuminators can be varied with a dimmer. The binocular head is 360° turnable and provides a comfortable view in all observing positions. The eyepieces can be set on the individual eye relief and with a diopter adjustment on the users eyesight. The microscope performs images, which are rich in details and in contrast.


  • valuable stereo/biological microscope
  • magnification: 20x, 40x, 80x / diopter adjustment
  • WF10x and WF20x eyepieces are supplied
  • combined stereo/biological microscope
  • 360° rotatable binocular view
  • adjustable eye distance and diopter adjustment
  • objective magnification 2x/ 4x switchable
  • with mains adapter and batteries for illumination
  • Rechargeable batteries (Type AA)
  • ideal for hobby, school and job


  • stereo microscope
  • 2x eyepiece: 10x and 20x
  • glass stage and black/white stage
  • mains adapter
  • rechargeable batteires (type AA)
  • dust cover

Note: Batteries are not included

Product number: 12300


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