Bresser Plan 4X achromatic objective


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DIN Planachromatic objective 4x
A plano-achromatic objectiv which is for all microscope models with DIN-objectives.

BRESSER plan achromatic objective lens 100x

BRESSER Planachromat – this DIN-Objectives are processed with the highest quality materials to enhance the image replication.
Plan correction minimizes refocus between center and edge of field and is especially useful for imaging.

  • Erudit DLX (11739, 23801)
  • Researcher Bino (6144)
  • Researcher Trino(6145)
  • Science TRM 301 (12859)
  • BioScience Trino (20767)
  • Science ADL 601 P (13645)
  • Science ADL 601 F (12860)
  • Science MPO 401 (12861)

Not recommended for models Erudit Basic Mono and Bino (5102100, 5102200) and Erudit MO (5110000) as those have a different parfocal length.

Product number: 13677


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