Bresser Microscope Biolux NV, 20x-1280x


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Bresser Microscope set 40-1024x
High grade metal bodied student microscope with barlow lens zoom system and PC eyepiece. Included features are: a barlow lens, which magnifies the image up to an additional 1.6x, a MicrOcular I (PC eyepiece with 640×480 pixels) and Ulead Photo Explorer image editing software, USB connection cable, 2 optical eyepieces.

Software compatible to: XP, Vista, Win7.

Observation objects:




Small minerals

Our expert comment:

The Barlow lens comes pre-installed on the focuser. It can be easily unscrewed to remove it.

(Bernd Gährken)

For Win 8/10 please go to the download section and download the driver Omegon Microstar Camera Setup. Use this instead of the original drivers supplied in the CD-ROM.

(Pedro Pereira)

The revolving turret allows you to change quickly between the three 4X, 10X and 40X objective lenses.

Product number: 14667


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