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UFC basis for filter slider 2 “/ 50.4 / 50×50

The UFC-base forms the cornerstone of the universal filter changer system and is at least one time necessarily required for receiving the filter drawer and teleskopseitigen- and camera-side adapters

  • telescope with S70 dovetail version
  • camera side with mounting plate for receiving the UFC Camera Adapter

The Universal Filter Changer, UFC: The Baader UFC system is usable for various telescope and camera systems filter drawer with a sufficiently large diameter connection, but which is also a very short length also filter sizes up to 50x50mm vignetting receives. These properties are a condition to the new, fast lenses such. B. EdgeHD telescopes with HyperStar and the new RASA devices Celestron, and any other Prime Focus to operate astrographs with appropriate filters, where a regular filter too much of the front opening would shade. In addition, prime-focus optics are necessarily equipped with very short back focus and require a particularly space-saving filter drawer.

The UFC system can connect almost everything with everything, by acquiring the perennial filter-base housing and then just the necessary front and back plates of the UFC along with the spacer rings so chooses as required by the respective chip distance. To that end, Baader a set with matching UFC extension sleeves, and a 15mm to 20mm infinitely adjustable S70 VariLock extension in order to keep the distance from the filter and the image plane as short as possible. All components are optimized to obtain the largest possible passage before the actual filter drawer and still be able to set the proper distance between the telescope and precise chip. The filter drawer itself sits characterized respectively as close as possible in front of the camera, shadowing through the filter is minimized.

Product number: 52994


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