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Baader Planetarium NV 110/220


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The planetarium consists of a 50 centimetre diameter Plexiglass celestial globe which is almost black, but is transparent for the viewer in a darkened room. The planetarium is ‘hand-made‘ to order.

An interesting effect of this is that an observer can look into the globe, but not see someone opposite. They will only see the black background with the stars in the correct positions! This creates a very strong spatial impression.

The celestial globe, as seen in the second picture, consists of two half shells with the upper half removable. Inside, an electrically powered Earth-Moon orrery is mounted which shows the motion of the Earth and Moon around the Sun.

The Baader Planetarium allows you to demonstrate various astronomical facts, including the following:

  • orbit of earth around the Sun, origin of the seasons
  • orbit of the Moon around the Earth
  • the origin of the phases of the Moon, Full Moon and New Moon
  • the origin of solar and lunar eclipses
  • synodic and sidereal time
  • precession of the Earth’s axis
  • visibility of the constellations according to the season
  • visibility of the constellations depending where the observer is on the Earth’s surface
  • the positions of the inner planets, the projection of the heavens and much more

Removing the globe of the Sun makes a point-like light source available.

The stars of the celestial globe are projecting in a darkened room or with the help of a projection dome.

The globe is freely rotatable in its support, so the starry sky can be represented as a projected image for any date or location on Earth.

60 Constellation transparencies, a guide and a dust cover are included in delivery.

Interesting PDF files to download:

Information sheet

User manual (German)

‘Die Darstellung von Kometenbahnen’ by H. Zeuner

Template for the orbit of Halley’s Comet

Technical overview

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