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Baader Filters LRGBC-H-alpha 2″ 7nm OIII and SII filter set


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Included: Luminance (UV-IR blocking) single filter, clear glass filter and H-Alpha filter, OIII filter and SII filter

The L filter is a standard Baader UV/IR blocking filter and can be used for focusing, as well as for taking a luminance image. The C filter is clear glass, and is used for focusing images with RGB and line filters.

Our expert comment:

This filter set ensures you are fully equipped for astrophotography. It makes possible RGB, L-RGB, HII-RGB and line filter exposures from the Hubble palette. The filter set consists of a total of 8 filters: A colour filter set with red, green, blue, an IR-opaque luminance filter, an IR-transparent clear-glass filter and 3 narrowband filters for H-alpha, O-III and S-II. All the colour filters are high-quality 2 inch interference filters.

(Bernd Gährken).

Product number: 20170


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