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Astronomik Filters DeepSky 2″ RGB filter set


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The new Astronomik DeepSky RGB filter set is designed specifically for the needs of demanding Astrophotographers to achieve maximum image quality for all CCD cameras. Take deep sky RGB filter set to shoot images with unparalleled sharpness, contrast and vibrant colors.

  • The transmission range of the filter is designed so that it can pass the key in the deep sky photography emission lines unhindered. Raw images produced with the color filter set can be more easily and form a stunning composite.
  • For the development of the RGB filter Astronomik has the sensitivity curves of popular in astrophotography CCD cameras measured in own development laboratory, so as to adjust the color reproduction and contrast of the filter to the main sensors.
  • The transmission characteristics and the coating technique were designed so that no halos and reflections are visible. Even with bright stars in the field of nebulae and galaxies with extremely fine structures and high contrast can be displayed.
  • To the RGB filters Astronomik To complement at three different luminance filter. The different passbands are selected such that the L-filter can be selected to match the color correction of the telescope. So great shots are possible even with moderate farbkorregierten optics!
  • Like all filters made by Astronomik that DeepSky RGB filter an extremely resistant and durable coating, applied to a fine special optical substrate have as is also used in the aerospace industry. Prerequisite for such material is streaking, voltage and absence of bubbles. Furthermore, the filter carriers are processed in a separate operation in the same thickness: Perfect Homofokalität and lowest wedge errors are the resulting benefits!

A tip for photography under light-polluted skies Or use instead of a luminance to Astronomik CLS-CCD filter! You get a low signal, without the lines of sodium and mercury lamps with much less background noise.

Light transmission curve

Product number: 49233


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