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Astrodon Filters Sloan Photometrie-Filter I 49.7mm (ungefasst)


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The Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS) filters were designed by Fukugita et al. (Ast. J., 411/4, April 1996, p. 1748-1756) to include five mostly non-overlapping filters covering 300 nm to the sensitivity limit of silicon CCD cameras near 1100 nm. They combined colored glass filters and short-pass dielectric coatings to steepen the low wavelength side of the bandpass. The [O I] skyline at 557.7 nm occurs between the g’ and r’ filters, and is thus reduced.

The Astrodon Photometrics Sloan filters use only dielectric coatings to achieve steep cut-on and cut-offs and peak transmissions in excess of 95%.

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