Artesky Eyepiece Planetary SW 8mm 1,25″


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The Artesky Planetary SW eyepieces with a field of view of 60 ° are ideal for planetary observation , lunar and deep-sky objects as well as for eyepiece projection with a DSLR camera or afocal photography via smartphone. They are available in focal lengths of 3.2mm to 9mm and 1.25 “sleeve.

Moon and planets: These Okualre provide a very high-contrast image, especially along the optical axis. They are a must-have for any planetary observer and provide long observation nights without eyestrain.

Deep-Sky : Thanks to the anti-reflection treatment and the blackened inside, these eyepieces provide a clear, high-contrast and bright image.

Eye distance of 16mm! The large eye relief in combination with the customizable eyecup allow every observer to find the ideal viewing position. Also for eyeglass wearers this is not a problem.

Product number: 60037


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