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APM Binoculars 29x100mm 90° ED APO 1,25″


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APM 100 mm 90° ED-Apo Binocular with 1.25″ Eyepiece Holder
This spherical excellently corrected 2-element ED APO binocular offers an extremely high contrast. In the basic equipment we have included 1 set 18mm eyepieces. The focal position was chosen so that Tele Vue Delos, Nagler, panoptic, and the Docter 12.5 mm UWA eyepiece can be focused. Sliding dew shields with front cover plate, a carrying handle with sighting device, a photo tripod adapter with 3/8 “thread connection, and 2 eyepieces with 29fold magnification are integrated. To keep the weight to a minimum, the binoculars housing is made of magnesium.

Technical Details:

  • Weight without Eyepieces, including Tripod Adapter 16.4 lb
  • Clear aperture without on-axis vignetting 100 mm
  • Interpupillary distance from 54 mm to 75 mm
  • Lightweight Magnesium Body
  • Length ca. 555 mm
  • Width 270 mm
  • Height 210 mm
  • Dew Shield OD 124 mm
  • Dew Shield ID 120 mm
  • 2 Element Air spaced ED Apochromat (ED=FK61 Glass)
  • Focal length 550 mm
  • Max FOV 2.8 degree
  • Field of View Diameter 25mm
  • Waterproof and Nitrogen purged
  • All optical surfaces are fully broadband multicoated
  • Clear aperture 23 mm at the eyepiece Side
  • 1.25″ Helical Focuser with Brass compression Ring
  • Foto Tripod Adapter with 3/8 Inch Thread (Adapter to 1/4 Inch)
  • Transporting Handle with Target Visor
  • 4 Dust Covers
  • Extendable Dew Shields

Delivery contents

  • Binocular 100 mm 90° with 4 Covers
  • Photo Tripod Adapter with 1/4 Inch Photo Thread
  • Transporting Handle
  • 1 Set 18 mm Ultra Flat Field Eyepieces = 30.5 x Power
  • alignment certificate

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