Skywatcher Maksutov 180



Product Features

The Maksutov Signature Series is the new generation of professional quality Maksutovs from Sky-Watcher. These telescopes are manufactured to the highest levels of optical and mechanical precision, resulting in exquisite optical performance and finish. Even the most critical observer will be delighted and surprised by the performance of the Sky-Watcher Signature Series Maksutov telescopes. In many applications the sharpness and image quality of these telescopes matches and exceeds that of the classic Schmidt-Cassegrain design.

Optical Design Maksutov-Cassegrains
Optical Diameter 180mm
Focal Length 2700mm
F/Ratio F/15
Highest Practical Power 360x
Finder Scope 8×50
Focuser Diameter 1.25″ opening with 2″ adapter
Diagnol 2″ 90 deg. Diagonal with 1.25 inch adapter
Eyepieces LET2″-28mm
Tube Weight 7.8Kgs
Tube Dimensions 21.6cm x 50cm
Shipping Weight 15kg
Shipping Dimensions 75x30x33cm3


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