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Astronomical services offered by experts and experienced professionals

Telescope Hosting

Place your telescope under an amazing sky and enjoy it from home. Send us your equipment, we’ll do the rest!

Astronomy Shop

Let’s find out together what is the best telescope for you.


Rent a remote telescope for hours, days, weeks or even monts!


Have you ever seen the through a giant telescope under a first quality sky?


Courses and workshops of night landscape photography and astrophotography. All levels.

Portraits under the stars

Photos made by expert night photographers, with extensive experience and the stars as a backdrop.

Why Trevinca

Un paraíso para el astrónomo aficionado
El cielo nocturno como nunca antes lo habías visto

Unfortunately most of us live in places where the Night Sky can no longer be observed in good condition. We have lost the stars!

But there are still a few places where we can keep enjoying the Starry Night. Located in the Northwest of Spain with an great atmospheric and astronomical conditions, Trevinca is one of those places.

Dark nights, transparent and stable skies. Everything any amateur astronomy seeks and needs. We are waiting for you!

  • Certificado Starlight

    Cielo de calidad garantizado
    por la Fundación Starlight

  • Seeing profesional

    1-2" FWHM

  • Cielo oscuro

    21.8" SQM

  • Weather

    +60% de noches despejadas
    Baja humedad
    Protegido del viento

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