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If you have come this far, we assume that you know what telescope hosting is and what our competition charges for this service. Well, in short, we offer more or less the same, but only at a fraction of the price.

*Price per month. Local taxes may increase the price depending on the country

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What We Offer

Astrophotography For Everyone

We also provide solutions for non-pro users and beginners. Even if you did not make an astrophoto in your life, don’t worry about it, the most important part, safety, is granted. For the rest, keep reading:

Don't Even Have a Telescope? No problem

We also are an Astronomy Shop. We offer special discount to our clients to buy anything you need whatever your budget is.

We Can Install it for you!

No matter where you are! Send us your telescope and we will install it one of our observatories so you can use it from anywhere.

And Configure It for you!

We can also install all the software needed to take amazing images automatically while you’re sleeping.

Optional Services

*Local taxes may increase the price depending on the country



per Month





Bad Weather



one-time Payment

Installation included

3 Different Sizes to Choose

Custom mount plate not included

Just rental, customer doesn’t own the pier

Hardware Setup


one-time Payment

Setup of:




Guide Camera

Guide Telescope

Telescope Balance

Cable Management

Polar Alignment

Software Setup


one-time Payment

Installation and configuration of:

Windows 10

System Drivers

Ascom Drivers

PHD2 Guiding


Planetarium Soft.

Plate Solve


Meridian Flip



per Hour

Remote Assistance

Appointment needed for observatory assistance

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Additional Information and prerequisites

To determine the height of the column and the location of the telescope in one of the available places, it is necessary to know in advance the height of the equipment excluding the tripod.

It is also necessary to know in advance the make and model of the mount that is intended to be installed for the realization of the column adapter plate. The customer can provide his own plate. In the bottom of this page, you can find the necessary drawings for the production of the plate.

At the foot of the column there is a connection socket for the electrical supply that provides 220v. It is recommended the connection of a UPS (not supplied) and a relay box to connect to the UPS and be able to turn on and off the different devices remotely. There are specific commercial systems for astronomy that can fulfill this task. There are also cheaper alternatives such as WIFI power strips that have an application for Android or IOS that can perform this function. 

It is highly recommended the use of low power consumption computers like mini PCs or Raspberry Pi to control the telescope and accessories. Otherwise an extra cost could be charged.

The internet connection can be made through the RJ45 socket also installed next to the column (recommended), through WIFI or using both connections simultaneously. There is only a single connection for each station, so if you plan to connect more than one network device it will be necessary to use a router or switch.

Although the observatory has an ip camera to which the client will have access, it is also allowed the use of an own camera that allows a better visualization of the equipment. The model to be installed must not have IR LEDs that may interfere with the observations of other clients or must be turned off during observation hours.

Likewise, the LED lights of all the equipment devices must be cancelled or attenuated with the use of insulating tape, for example.

The installation of the telescope should be carried out during the day or nights when the observatory is closed so as not to interfere with the observations of other customers. Configurations and installations that must be carried out at night (stationing) should not be carried out for prolonged periods of time, limiting, as much as possible, the use of lights or flashlights that may disturb other users.

It is also possible to access the observatory to make changes, adjustments or maintenance tasks on the equipment that may be necessary, requesting it, if possible, with a minimum of 48h in advance.

There is also an installation and configuration service in case you are not willing or able to travel to our facilities or do not have the necessary knowledge to carry out this task. The prices and nature of these services are detailed in the web page.

There is also a technical support service for maintenance work, error correction, device replacement, etc. This service may involve an additional cost in which case, the prices are fixed on the web page.

Optionally, the customer may take out insurance (recommended) to protect his equipment in case of theft or damage caused by vandalism, adverse weather conditions or fire.


You will be provided with a web application through which we will be able to check the status of the roof and request its opening.

This application has real time information about the status of the roof, if the weather conditions are suitable for the opening (Safe, Unsafe), if the power supply is ok or down and if the main internet connection is working properly.

The changes of these conditions will be recorded in the log displayed in the same application.

If the above requirements are met, the client will be able to open the observatory by clicking on the (Open Roof) button. If any of them changes its status, the observatory will be automatically closed and will not be allowed to be opened again until its status is favorable again.


In the lower left part, the real-time parameters of the weather station are displayed. And in the upper part, a direct access to some of the observatory resources such as:

Weather station web server.

If desired, it is also possible to automate the operation of the equipment with the cloud sensor data in a very simple way documented in the following pdf:


Last image of the all-sky camera. The white circles like the one shown in the image indicate traces of recorded meteors.

Real time video of some of the cameras installed in the observatory.

Timelapse of all the nights of the last weeks generated with the all-sky images.

Web with real time data from the SQM and graphs with accumulated data.

Data from the soon-to-be-installed seeing monitor will also be accessible in the future.

Access to most of this information will be available through the Internet, but for security reasons, some resources such as the roof opening or security cameras will only be accessible from the local network.

These are the dimensions of the upper part of the pier

This is an example for an EQ8 R Pro plate:

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