Frequently Asked Questions

About the Service

How much space do I get

At least a circular space of 2 meters.

What is the max height allowed

It depends on the observatory but your telescope pointing polaris at 42º cant be higher than 265cm.

How do I decide the size of my pier

Measure the distance between the top of your telescope pointing polaris (42º latitude) and the base of your mount and subtract it from the maximum allowed height of your observatory.

Can I choose my spot

We take in consideration several factors to decide the location of the telescopes but it mainly depends on the size. So we will assign you the best one available for your telescope keeping an eye in not blocking other members if you bring a big one. Still, there is a small margin to choose from if several spots are available in the moment of the installation.

How low on the horizon can I go

It depends on the spot and the observatory but you could easily get 20º or less on south in any location.

Basic Rules

Should I cover the led lights of my devices

YES. Some devices allow to turn them off. If not, you need to cover them with tape.

Is there a recommended park position

Yes, in order not to block the view of other users, it is a good idea to park your telescope pointing to the horizon. The recommended parking position is: RA axis vertical and Dec = 0.

No IR light allowed on IP cameras

Turn IR lights of IP Cameras is not allowed when the roof is open. Not even for a few seconds to take a quick look at your telescope.

Some modern cameras like NightChroma series of Annke are sensible enough to allow you to see your telescope in the dark even in new moon phase.

We always have stock for those cameras at the same price as the dealer webpage so you don't have to wait if you want to install one.

We also have cameras installed in every observatory. Maybe that's enough for you.

Can I use my flat panel when roof is open

No. That could ruin other members session.



If you already have a functional setup (telescope, mount, camera, mini pc...), a relay box that allows you to turn on/off devices and take control of your dew heaters such as the PegasusAstro Powerbox is highly recommended.

Also dew heaters, UPS, IP camera and a power strip with network control. If you don't know which ones to buy, ask us.

We usually have all the material in stock at the same price as Amazon or astronomy stores but with free on-site support, repairs and local warranty.

If you don't have a telescope yet or you are outside the EU and you don't want to send it because of customs issues and pay extra taxes, we can get you all the devices you need from our partners at a very good price and even assembling and configuring everything for you

Why do I need an UPS

We don't usually have much power interruptions but they can happen. Specially during summer storms. So if you don't have an UPS your gear is going to be turning on and off several times and that makes no good to your devices. Also an UPS helps to refine the quality of the power.

Can I use any pc

The use of low power consumption mini pc's is recommended. If you want to use a desktop computer additional costs may be charged.

Can I bring my own IP Camera

Yes, but make sure that you can switch IR lights off. IR Lights are not allowed not even for emergencies.
Some modern IP camera models are sensitive enough to allow you to see your telescope in complete darkness. We can recommend you one of those cameras, or you can buy it directly from us at the same price you can find online.

Can I bring my own pier

It is not recommended but you can. Anyway, we can build one for you for less than you pay for shipping costs to send it here (139€)

Can I install my telescope on a tripod



Do I need to go to Trevinca to install my telescope

You can but if you don't want to, we can do it for you. Just ship it to the address at the bottom of the web and we will install it for you including balancing, polar alignment, cable managing, etc (299€). If you want, we can also install and configure all the required software to operate your telescope remotely using NINA.


When can I leave

Whenever you want. Please let us know at least one month in advance or the full month fee will be charged.

Can you ship my gear back to me

Of course. We will only charge for the time spent on the disassembly and packaging (20€/h). A pick up with your preferred courier should be programed by you.


How do I configure my network devices

Just use your Trevinca Skies user number. For example if you get the 145 (pier 5 in observatory 4) your getaway will be and your dhcp server will start serving ip's at

So if you connect something without a fixed ip it will get the and the next one 101 and so on.

You can configure your devices at home before coming with fixed ips for example:
Ip Camera:

Can some ports be open for remote access

For security reasons it is not recommended. We have solutions to avoid opening ports but if you really need to do so, we can talk about it.

Can you install and configure a VPN for me

Yes. We will do that for free and we'll provide a configuration file so you can have it working with two clicks.


But I don't even have a telescope

Not a problem. We can help you to choose the right one for you based on your budget.

What if I never did Astrophotography in my life

We can also install all the necessary software for you and teach you how to use it (299€). In a few nights you'll have it under control.

Reservations and Costs

How much will I pay every month

After second month (1st one is already paid with reservation) you pay 139€ per month.

How do I reserve my spot

You just need to pay the first month fee and, if needed, the pier and plate adapter for your mount installation in advance.

1st month fee: 139€ + Pier installation 139€ + plate adaption: 69€ = 347€*

After payment is done the place is yours and you will start paying the monthly fee the second month after installation.

DM Pablo Canedo in our Discord channel if you want to go ahead.

*We build new observatories based on the number of reservations. So the money you pay is not refundable. But also reservations don't expire, so if you finally can't come when your spot is ready, you won't lose your reservation. A new spot will be assigned to you whenever you decide to come.

Does the monthly fee include an insurance

No. Insurance fee is not mandatory and it is calculated depending on the value of your telescope. For ex:

10€/month covers up to 10000€
18€/month vovers up to 18000€
and so on.

How much does support costs

Support is free for all the products you buy from us and the rest is 20€ per hour.

Do I have to pay VAT for your service
Customers inside the EU will pay their local VAT rate.
Companies in the EU, won't pay VAT
Companies in Spain will pay deductible 21% Spanish VAT
Customers and companies outside the EU won't pay VAT
How are payments done

You'll receive a monthly invoice in your email, including links to make online payments through various platforms. These payments may include fees, which will be reflected in the next invoice.

To avoid these fees, you can set up a monthly bank transfer.

Using the hosting

How do I open the roof

We have an Ascom (Alpaca) driver so you can configure your favorite software (NINA, Voyager, etc)

You also get access to a web app where you can manually open the roof and also links to all the services including cameras, all-sky, aagsolo, etc. Here is a video to see how it looks:

<a href="">Click here to watch it on youtube</a>

How do I close the roof

You can't. Once open it will remain this way all night or until conditions are unsafe.

Visiting us

Where do I sleep

Eido das Estrelas is the nearest accommodation to the observatories and Albergue Montañas de Trevinca is a cheap alternative in A Veiga. But there are some more, here you can check them all:

How do I get there

The best way to get to A Veiga from abroad is to fly to one of the nearby airports and then rent a car. The closest airports are Vigo (Spain) and Porto (Portugal), both about 2 hours away by car. La Coruña, Santiago de Compostela and Madrid are also good options, but they are further away, about 2 hours and 30 minutes and 4 hours by car, respectively. Once you arrive at the airport, you can rent a car from one of the many car rental companies available at the airport. Make sure to book in advance to get the best deals and availability.